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Inline skating

Since the beginnen of this year you are able to inline at Tjas. This inline training will take place in Ten Boer on Thuesday evening from 18.15-19.15. We will leave at 17.30 from the gate of Sportcentre Kardinge.

We will train in two separate groups:

  • Amateurs
    • With little to no experience of inline skating
  • Speeders
    • With experience of inline skating

Every group has it’s own trainer, this way every group gets the attention on technic and safety it deserves.

Because safety is the most important thing, some protection is obligated:

  • Helmet
  • wrist protection/cycling gloves

We recommend the following protection:

  • knee protection
  • elbow protection

At this moment we are very busy with rental skates. This way you can practice inline skating during and next to the training. We will update you when we have news.

The inline track in Ten Boer: