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GSSV Tjas was founded on the initiative of Henk and Gerrit on March 6, 1968. Since 1968 a lot has changed. In the early years, they skated in Heerenveen, until 1971. In 1971 the first ice rink was built in Groningen, “IJsstadion Stadspark”. Some amateurs became more and more fanatic, they started competing in competitions. Nowadays many members are competing in competitions like IUT’s, NSK’s, regional competitions and of course our own competitions. The name “Tjas” originated on the initiative of Simone Kragt. Tjas-Olmai is one of the several gods the Lappish honor. The name stands for “waterman”. This god stands for lakes and fishing.


Nowadays, GSSV Tjas is the biggest Student Ice Skating Club in the World, with around 400 members. Nowadays Tjas offers more than speedskating alone. We offer; speedskating, cycling, inline skating, spinning, dry training, travel and partying. In the winter we skate in Sportcentre Kardinge in Groningen. We have our own hours on Monday and Thursday. Three times a year we organise our own competitions where every member can participate for free. When the Ice rink closes we start with our summer program which contains; dry training, inline skating and cycling training. You could train 4-5 times a week here at Tjas in the summer.

Besides all the sports activities there is a social drink every Thursday in our bar “de Walrus”. This is the perfect place to get to know other members of Tjas. Additionally, the Borrelcie organises themed parties several times a year.


  • Normal membership
    For just €41 euros a year, you’re a member of Tjas. This means you can skate 2 times a week in the winter and 4 times a week in the summer (2x dry training, inline skating, cycling). Besides that, you are welcome to join every other activity of Tjas.
  • Half-yearly membership
    If you become a member of Tjas from 1st of February, you get a Half-yearly membership. This costs only €20,50 euros. This still gives you around two months of speedskating. After that, you can train 4 times a week until September. From September you’ll get a normal membership.
  • Trial membership
    Are you not entirely convinced or do you want to start your time as a student as cheaply as possible? Become a trial member for just €10 euros. With this membership, you’re a full-fledged member from the 1st of September until the 1st of November. After that, your trial membership will become a regular membership.