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Welcome to the website of G.S.S.V. Tjas, the world’s largest student speedskating society! Experiencing life in the Netherlands isn’t complete without experiencing speedskating. Tjas offers speedskating practice for everyone, from beginners to advanced skaters. Below, you can find relevant information about becoming a member. If you have any questions or would like to receive some more information, you can send an e-mail to info@tjas.nl




G.S.S.V. Tjas is the Groningen Student Ice Skating Society founded in 1968. Being a member of Tjas allows you to practice your speed skating skills at the Kardinge ice skating rink twice a week throughout the winter season. Under the guidance of trainers you learn how to improve your skating skills. Tjas also organises skating competitions during the winter season. With Tjas, training continues throughout the summer. Cycling, running, and off ice related practices are offered throughout the summer season. Cycling and running matches are also organised during the summer. We are a Dutch student organization which means our main activities are in Dutch. However, we have a buddy system which implies that we have people that are very happy in helping you with translating trainings or telling you what Tjas is all about. 


If you have any questions about Tjas, feel free to contact its Board by e-mailing info@tjas.nl