Every Wednesday, there will be opportunities to cycly with experienced cyclists. We depart at 17:45 uur at Refidé (Blauwborgje 12 on the Zernike complex). Beforehand, we will gather up so everyone can pump up their tires.

You can choose between 4 groups:

Technical Variation

This group will start from the very basics – in a couple of weeks, you will start to learn how to become an experienced race cyclist!

Advanced Variation

Have you been attending cycling training for a while and do you want to improve more on your cycling? Then this is the group for you.

Fast Endurance

Better known as Turbo Wednesday, here you will learn how to cycle resposibly, but mostly fast. The avarage speed lies around 32 km/h.

Calm Endurance

Do you want to have a nice easy going cycling trip? Then join in! Here, people will always wait on each other, so everyone is welcome to join.


Whenever there is a match going on for the Tjas championships, there will be no training. We gather at the same place and time and cycle the track together. The competitions are available for everyone!


– ALWAYS bring an inner tube with you. Be sure to bring a pump and tire levers as well.

– Make sure you bring a bottle of water with you (and drink it)!

– Have something to eat every hour. Always bring some food, like a banana for example.

– Take into account the drop in temperature during the evening, and clothe yourself in advance. It often cools down quickly in the evening.

– Always bring lamps for falling darkness ot be sure.