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With Tjas, everyone can perform a sport. Whether you’ve been standing on the ice-rink for your entire life or never have stepped foot upon one, there’s always a training that suits you! For example, Tjas has a very extensive catalogue in both the winter and summer. For starters, it is possible to skate twice a week in a group from your level of expertise, and the advanced fanatics are possible to train 3 times a week as a speeder with professional trainers. In the winter, Tjas organizes three internal skating competitions, where everyone in Tjas can participate for free! Be advised: Nothing is obligated in Tjas, so you don’t have to attend all the trainings!

Training continues in the summer at Tjas. Two times in the week, a drytraining will be hosted, once a week a inline skate and cycling training are given. It’s also possible to participate with running and cycling competitions.

For more info, you can look under the heading “Sport”! Do you still have questions about the possibilities at Tjas? Send an email to !