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Use of face masks

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Dear member of Tjas,

At the start of our board we could spread fantastic news about the Covid-19 situation in the Netherlands. Unfortunately this isn’t the case anymore. The infection rates are historically high and rise even more. We could imagine that Covid-19 is becoming more personal than ever. Relatives and friends may be infected. It still is an incredibly unpredictable and stirring time that asks for flexibility and resilience. Fortunately we are still able to skate at the ice rink. We would like to continue that for the rest of the season. That why we set up the following urgent advises:

  • Stay at home and test if you have symptoms (even for mild symptoms).
  • Cough and sneeze in your elbow.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Keep the one and half meter in mind. Try to gain as much distance from each other during training sessions and in the dressing rooms.
  • Wear a face mask when entering Sportcentre Kardinge. Also in the dressing rooms, wear a face mask. 
  • If possible, wear a buff and put it over your mouth while skating (available at the board table in Kardinge for €4,75)
  • Wear a buff or mouth cap when having instructions on the ice.
  • Do not blow your nose on the ice rink, use paper tissues for this.

This isn’t an advice from just Tjas, but also from KNSB Drenthe and KNSB Groningen (regional departments of the Dutch Speedskating Association). A lot of people make use of Kardinge on a daily basis. More than a hundred people are entering the ice at our Tjas hour. When our hour is done, the next group of people are waiting to go in. Even though you don’t have symptoms you are still able to carry the Covid-19 virus and spread it. That’s why we advise to do a self test on a regular basis. You can order them at the University of Groningen or the Hanze university of Applied Science. In case that won’t work, let us know! In that case you can get one from Tjas.

We hope that with these measures we can make sure that the ice rink stays open!

If you have questions please let us know!

With kind regard, 

Steffie Lindeboom

Chairwoman of G.S.S.V. Tjas

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