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New corona measures

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Dear member of Tjas, 

Last night was the press conference we hoped would never come. Because of the Omikron variant, the cabinet has decided to close all indoor sports venues and proceed to a hard lockdown. Like last year, this … Lees verder

Collalbo gaat niet door

Lieve Tjassers,

Vanwege de vernieuwde corona maatregelen, de huidige besmettingscijfers in Nederland en de quarantaine plicht in Italië is er besloten om de reis naar Collalbo te annuleren. Wij vonden het niet verantwoord om met een grote groep leden af … Lees verder

Use of face masks

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Dear member of Tjas,

At the start of our board we could spread fantastic news about the Covid-19 situation in the Netherlands. Unfortunately this isn’t the case anymore. The infection rates are historically high and rise even more. We could imagine … Lees verder