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Welcome to the website of G.S.S.V. Tjas, the world’s largest student speedskating society! Experiencing life in the Netherlands isn’t complete without experiencing speedskating. Tjas offers speedskating practice for everyone, from beginners to advanced skaters. Below, you can find relevant information about becoming a member. If you have any questions or would like to receive some more information, you can send an e-mail to info@tjas.nl




Tjas also has a lot of activities besides sporting. Each Thursday we have a few drinks in our pub, Café De Walrus, located at Pelsterstraat 25. We organize derverse activities, such as 6 big parties and a grand themed ball. These activities are organised by one of our committees, who organise activities like our annual trip to Collalbo (Italy) for a week of speed skating, skiing and partying.

For the freshman our introduction committee (IntroCie) organises the introduction period so you can get to know Tjas and other members of Tjas. The highlight of the introduction period is the introduction camp on the island Schiermonnikoog in the weekend of 29-30 September and 1st of October. We hope you enjoy our organisation at the fullest!